Welcome JJ

Being a photographer and a mother, I am more than excited to share (yes I got the approval from momma) my first session of 2024. Welcome JJ! Look at those little hands and sooooo handsome!

This little guy was amazing for his first photo session. He was born a month early and made life a little bit too exciting for a while.

Story Time....

My client had another photographer, she had hired them for their maternity session. The photographer they hired only communicated via instagram and messages. They made plans for the session, made the deposit, all was ready. The day before her maternity photo session momma messaged the photographer that she is having a medical issue and is bleeding and shouldn't be. She went to the ER because something wasn't right. Momma promised to keep everyone update. Later that night her husband also messaged saying that this momma is having emergency surgery and won't make the photo session.

The session isn't going to happen....

The photographer that the clients put their deposit with for maternity photos got mad that she was going to miss the appointment. ---nothing about: is everyone okay or what was going on, no tact! Momma was so mad she posted in a FB group that I am in.

When reading her post I got upset, that is not how you treat a person that is pregnant! There is so many more important things in the world than photos(granted my business is taking photos). There was 2 lives in the balance! I felt drawn to just offer my talent. When I had my son, no one offered to do photos in house, and I didn't know this because I wanted the photos. Anyway, I posted that I would love to take their fresh 48 session in the hospital. I didn't want her not to get memories captured in this scary but joyful time. So I did....And here he is! Little hands, ears, all the parts! Just a perfect little dude! Not bad for being a month early too.

Welcome baby boy...

My heart is so full with this mommy & daddy with their growing family. I asked if they'd write a review and use the money she offered to paid me for fuel to order some photo prints from my site. The only thing better would be if big brother would of been there too, but still getting to capture the first photo of little man and mom and dad, priceless!