Sports & Group Activites

Full service sports photography specializing in high quality action and posed team day services.

We provide high quality action photos and are also available for photos where needed.

Collect moments, not things

Formal & Action images in sports photography

Sports aren't scripted. There are no retakes. Action is live and your photographer needs to be ready with their camera.

Sports photography connects people with activities and athletics they love. It is part of the fabric of our culture. Sports are fast paced and action packed, blink and you'll miss it moments.

A mom and her camera

Parents love watching their kids play sports and partake in activities through the years. We know parents spend many nights waiting at practice and then spend weekends at games. Many parents try to get photos with their phone or purchase a camera but never seem to get what they want captured. Let me take care of this for you.

Pricing & Packages

Individual Coverage

How would you like 30 high quality images of your favorite athlete?
Your athlete will be the focus of the game capturing their hard work and dedication to the game. Delivered in online gallery download.

Starting at $125.

Team Coverage

Attention Moms! This is an amazing deal, 250+ digital images of all kids on the team in action in the activities that they love. Now you can cheer and know you are getting photos too!

Starting at $325

Formal Team Photo

When you play on a team, you need a team photo! I love traditional styles and have a knack for setting everyone up to get everyone looking straight.

Contact me for package pricing

Composites for Banners & more

We just took your solo activity portraits and want something cool to show off your team? We can include donors and league information. Contact us for something custom and vinyl banner options.

Request printed works pricing.

Individual Activity Photos

We come to your game to take your location for photos. We make it fast and easy. Parents fill out a little detail from a link/QR code and it will match up and contact you when photos are ready to be viewed. Show your sprit with buttons & more!

Contact for pricing!

Setting up for activity photos

Let's Plan

After initial contact, we will start planning the options for your activity. Do you want solo photos and a team/group photo? Do you want action photos? Send me a copy of your roster and schedule and we will start planning the process and dates.


Once we get our date, we will create the galleries, links and background details for your team's session.

You will need to fill out a little information about your person and then you will be ready for picture day!

Picture Day

Today is picture day! Each person will be photographed in a couple different poses. These images will be edited and then put on various backgrounds. These images can be used in team composites or even a solo banner. Please be sure you arrive on time, if not a little early. No orders need to be placed at this time.

Gallery Release

Remember when you filled out the information earlier? You will receive an email to a private gallery. This is ONLY for the solo, team and any composite options. You can view all options formatted for the various products you are able to purchase. If you decide to purchase within 7 days of picture day, you pay NO SHIPPING, after this date you will receive directly.

Let's Connect!

Thank you for your interest in Katie Sharpe Images.

Please take a moment to fill out the form and share your interests with me. Whether it's scheduling a session, discussing collaboration opportunities, or simply saying hello, I'm here to listen and assist you in any way I can.

Anticipate a response within 24 hours during our regular business hours. I am eager to connect with you and discuss how we can create beautiful and lasting memories together. Looking forward to our conversation!

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