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A few years ago I answered a need. There was a small group that was putting on event for kids. I answered and met a group of women that were doing good. I needed something good in my life. I wanted to give my part to this group, I couldn't fund it but instead gave of my talents for their event. I was hooked. Fast forward 3 years and on February 8th, they celebrated their 3rd Power of Love Gala with Foster Love based in Omaha NE. I love this group and see the impact they are making, I'm proud.

I want to introduce you and share a little about their most recent event. It looks a little like this:

Meet Amber

This wonderful human is the face behind Foster Love. They are a non profit that's mission is to provide basic needs and opportunities for child and families impacted by foster care so they can feel confident, empowered and valued.

It all started with a little boy in 2007. Amber and her husband, Matt are foster parents. I believe their first placement was a little boy and all he had was a trash bag with a few worn out clothes and plastic eggs that were considered toys. This sparked her and found out that this was the norm, she felt that we need to show these children love and as a community, we need to do better.



This group of women work hard and show their love for children. They are constantly showing up and helping children and families by planning fun events and shopping days which we see. But what we don't see is the many hours of processing items from collection drives, the hours of work to setup volunteers and the hard work sharing their cause is. It is not a part time ordeal, it is a lifestyle that must be supported. Foster Love has grown and evolved in the last 3 years since I started documenting it with them.

Lindsey, Jaime, Amber, Dawn, Tricia, Ellen, Karen


Foster love has an amazing group of sponsors that allow them to do the good in our home area. I'm so proud to be one with them.

Woodman Life has been a major part of their success and believe in what they do.

@WoodmenLifeNEChapter16. @WoodmenLife

Speakers from the evening:

MC: Serese Cole and Amber Richardson

Kelly Perez- Honary Speaker

Susan Stevens

Jamie presenting Artsy Kids

Kyle Bullock

Guest Speaker, Kyle Bullock, grew up in IL. He shared his story and experiences. Recently, he spoke on the panel of Academy of Adoptions and Assisted Reproduction Attorneys conference and also worked with NBC to produce Finding Identity, Growing up a Transracial Adoptee in order to explain his adoption journey and his experiences growing up and finding his birth mother.

What does the future Hold?

Expect big things!

Foster Love has been growing with each year, and 2024 and beyond shows no exception. I can't wait to see what their new home will look like and how they will help more people with their new space.

Photos from the night: Volunteers, Donations, Art and more...

Foster Love Family:

If you are interested...

If you are interested in more information about Foster Love and their cause or wanting to donate or volunteer, you can find details on their Facebook page: https://www.facebook.com/fosterlove402ne. or on their website at www.fosterlove402.org

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